Education and Training

At  and ANOC Forensic Academy Ltd, we put together a formidable team of professional educators and trainers with tangible and real-world experience working in the field of Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence to provide continuing education, training, and structured seminars, certificate and advanced diploma programmes to promote competence and integrity in the practice of forensics and intelligence with an extensive industry background that gives them a keen sense for the needs of organisations that will one day hire their services. Our training programme will significantly increase the understanding of investigative, scientific principles, and their applications in the field of Forensics and Intelligence so as to produce graduates with exceptional investigative knowledge, practical skills, understanding and integrity to effectively support the performance of the judicial system.


We provides you with a specialization in Forensic Investigation as it relates to crime, and a variety of forensic services. We have in-depth experience assisting clients with managing, and turning critical and complex issues into opportunities for resilience and long-term benefits. With our local and international collaboration we can help you handle all allegations, risk and vulnerabilities that come from general corruption, fraud, and other internal and external threats and prepare you for a rewarding career in forensic investigation and criminal intelligence.

Our curriculum presents a specialized scope of knowledge about forensic photography, examining and reporting on physical evidence collected during criminal investigations, the collection and preservation of evidence, and investigative strategies. Our programme also furnishes you with an important knowledge base for investigative specialization in a wide range of disciplines and careers.

Litigation Support/Expert Witnessing

From the onset of a matter through formal resolution, we provide our clients with valuable multidisciplinary, independent dispute advisory, investigative, data acquisition/analysis and forensic litigation support services. Our team supports clients facing high stakes litigation, arbitration and compliance investigations, and regulatory scrutiny. We help them look into and prevent possible fraudulent activity.

Our league of experts in Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice helps clients, who are facing legal disputes, protect enterprise value by:

  1. Quantifying damages and providing expert testimony in a range of dispute situations: intellectual property, professional malpractice, lost profits, valuations, breach of contract, purchase price        disagreements, business interruption, environmental claims, construction claims and fraud cases.
  2. Rely on our experts to help you resolve issues through extensive financial analyses, specialised research, and expert testimony      tailored to the specific facts and circumstances of the matter.


Globallygovernments, organizations, society and criminal justice system increasingly rely on professionals skilled in forensic investigation and criminal intelligence to help solve crimes and prevent future criminal behaviors.

Gap in Knowledge

In Nigeria, extant studies have provided evidence that: A wide gap exists between the supply of and demand for properly trained forensic and intelligent personnel. A good number of the current crop of forensic practitioners do not possess the requisite knowledge to effectively function in the emerging field of specialization


The aim of the programme is to train and equip participants with sound knowledge and deep understanding of a broad range of advances in Forensic Investigation, Criminal and Intelligence, and Administration of Criminal Justice


The Programme is designed to deliver a strong and credible groundwork that emphasises the practical aspects of scientific detection, investigation, prevention and control of crimes and criminal activities. It deals with crime allegations from inception to resolution, including obtaining indisputable evidence, interviewing and interrogation, presenting expert reports and testifying at trials.


The programme will raise participants’ level of critical thinking, curiosity and intellectual ability in crime detection, investigation, prevention and control. Its successful completion will provide the trainees with the requisite practitioner-based skills, understanding, and knowledge to effectively work and enhance their expertise in forensics, surveillance and intelligence gathering settings. The programme also facilitates direct certification in IICFIP.

Quality Assurance and Accreditation

The Training Programme is delivered under the strict high quality control and accreditation standards of  the International Institute of Certified Forensic Investigation Professionals (IICFIP),USA. 



With specific reference to the Nigerian security challenge, the Training covers the following convergent fields of knowledge:

  1. Cyber Forensic and Digital Intelligence;
  2. Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence;
  3. Forensic Accounting and Criminal Intelligence;
  4. Forensic psychology and Criminal Intelligence;
  5. Forensic surveillance and Intelligence Gathering;
  6. Money laundering and Terrorist Financing; and
  7. Corporate Fraud Investigation.


At completion of the Training, successful candidates will be awarded Certificate by ANOC Forensic Academy Ltd; while Professional Certificate (Certified Forensic Investigation Professional {CFIP} (optional at additional fee) will be awarded by IICFIP Inc. USA.

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