Our Services

Our Services

ANOC Forensic Academy Ltd provides a range of professional services in Forensic Investigation; Criminal Intelligence, and Administration of for both classified and non-classified agencies. Our operations are strictly confidential in line with the international standards and global best practices in the forensics and intelligence operations.

Our Specialized Services

In the field of Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence, we provide world class services in:

  • Research, Education, & Training
  • Investigation, Surveillance & Intelligence Gathering
  • Profiling, & Background Check
  • Installation & Servicing of Forensic Laboratories
  • Litigation Support / Expert Testimony
  • Consultancy

Our Core Skills

We provide a breadth of knowledge with wide range application of necessary professional skills including: critical thinking, professional ethics, and integrity, ability to devise innovative technical and scientific methods, techniques and the capacity to integrate new social, technological and scientific developments. We incorporate a unique curriculum that balances breadth and depth of study through in depth scholarly coursework which incorporates the logic and workings of the criminal justice system. We create proficiency in collection, analysis, interpretation, reporting, and testimony of evidence through partnership, innovation, diversity, high expectation of high quality results, academic excellence and success.

Action Statement


We are committed to creating and maintaining a community in which students, staff and stakeholders can work together in an environment free of discrimination, harassment or any other artificial barriers to individual success and fulfillment. Each person affiliated us bears a responsibility to adhere to the policy of equal opportunity and to promote affirmative action efforts. In addition, it is our policy to undertake assertive action, consistent with its obligations for minorities and women, for individuals with disabilities, and for covered veterans.

Our Goal 

The training goal is on capacity building of students, professionals from diverse backgrounds, allied executives and organisations. The aim is to train and equip participants with sound knowledge and in-depth understanding of advancements in Forensic Investigation, Criminal Intelligence, and Administration of Criminal Justice.

Our Objectives

  • Students/trainees will have excellent appreciation of professional and ethical concepts early in the education / training programme;
  • They will gain perfect understanding of the nexus that forensics has with the administration of criminal justice;
  • Student/trainees will have a comprehensive research and data analytical background in order to be successful;
  • Trainees will be able to apply scientific principles to forensics and intelligence skills in crime investigation and prevention settings;
  • They will experience the broad and diverse nature of the forensics and intelligence community by participating in local and international professional organisations and/or meetings;
  • Participants will have an in depth appreciation of the advances and changes in the forensics and intelligence, and be able to adapt to those changes; and
  • They will also have skills and a level of knowledge that will allow them to be significant contributors to furthering the methods of forensics upon completion and
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