Specialized Professional Trainings and Technical Supports for Individuals and Organizations in Forensic Investigation

ANOC FORENSIC ACADEMY in Collaboration with International institute of Certified Forensic investigation Profesionals (IICFIP).USA

ANOC Forensic Academy

In line with the global best practices, ANOC Forensic Academy Ltd has been providing specialized professional trainings and technical supports for individuals and organizations. Our team of experts (professional academics and practitioners) delivers time tested services in both sectors of the economy. Over the years, we have bagged many awards in recognition of our high quality service delivery. Our mission is to render innovative research and development (R & D) consultancy services, meeting the growing needs and challenges of our clients.

Our Services

ANOC Forensic Academy Ltd provides a range of professional services in Forensic Investigation; Criminal Intelligence, and Administration of for both classified and non-classified agencies. Our operations are strictly confidential in line with the international standards and global best practices in the forensics and intelligence operations


We provide a multidisciplinary active research and analysis in collaboration with leading accredited institutions.  Our world-class research instrumentation offers an international, open access programme and services that bring about latest research in all related aspects of Forensics and Analysis to students and professionals, in application to Criminology, Psychology of Crime, Profiling, Critical Thinking, promote professionalism, veracity, capability, learning, foster research, progress practice, and new approaches in the forensics and intelligence.

Education and Training

At ANOC Forensic Academy Ltd, we put together a formidable team of professional educators and trainers with tangible and real-world experience working in the field of Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence to provide continuing education, training, and structured seminars, certificate and advanced diploma programmes to promote competence and integrity in the practice of forensics and intelligence with an extensive industry background that gives them a keen sense for the needs of organisations that will one day hire their services.

Our Mission

To provide high quality services in professional career development and advance knowledge in Forensic Investigation and Criminal Intelligence, meeting the growing needs and challenges of our clients and students.


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 International  Institute of Certified Forensic  Investigation Professionals USA (IICFIP).

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